Things You Need To Know About Barber Training

Most people do not realize that to be a barber requires being licensed by the state after going through barber training. Being a barber is not just about cutting people’s hair. A lot of people take pride in their appearance, and their hair is a big part of that. Like women, men also spend time on their hair, making them look and feel more presentable. Unlike women, most men visit the barber, instead of the hairdresser. To become a barber the potential candidate needs to have a high school graduation diploma.

Barber Training Requirements

Barber shops hold the potential for a barber to make new friends every day, to learn about people’s problems and to make them feel better about themselves through a newly cut hairdo. Apart from the high school diploma, in some States the candidate needs to be a minimum of 18 years or even 21 years old in order to qualify. However, there are some States where the candidate can be 16 years of age, so it is essential for the potential barber trainee to check with his State laws before pursuing his barbershop dreams.

Training to be a Barber

Training to be a barber is not a quick affair. Like other types of cosmetology, barber training requires the candidate to go through a barber training course that could last up to 20 months. This is an important part of learning the trade and learning more about the tools that are used. Once the certification has been achieved the graduate can then go on to apply for State licensure. This is one requirement that needs to be fulfilled in order to get a job as a barber these days. The candidate needs to have good hand-eye coordination, good people skills and he needs to be reliable. Going through a 20 month course will make sure that the candidate possess all of these traits.

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Formal Barber Training

If a potential barber needs to hold down a day job, but feels that it is his dream to become a barber, he could take after hours barber training. There are a number of night training courses being offered, as well as part time day courses, along with the full time courses. One thing that needs to be considered is that it will take longer to achieve the goal with the night training and part time training. The institution needs to train all individuals in hair cutting, shampooing, facial grooming and hair styling techniques. The candidate will also learn to work with clippers, dyes, scissors, combs, razors and children and women’s hair among other things.

Job Skills Needed

Just like with any job, the barber needs to gain the necessary work experience through on the job training. Even with a 20 month certificate, the candidate will only qualify for an entry level job, where he will need to prove his skills by performing mundane shampooing tasks, as well as cleaning towels and equipment. This is a necessary step to becoming a full-fledged barber, either in his own shop or working for an employer.

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